Let Us Manage Your SEO – KenSEOConsulting Monthly SEO Package

Everyday thousands of businesses, sole proprietors, Fortune 500 Companies, and small start-ups are making a killing online- but equally thousands upon thousands of these Internet entrepreneurs are failing miserably.

There is really only one factor that determines your success or failure online-

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a collective science of methods that help you website to rank and be rated in comparison to your competitors.

-It allows you to be seen up-front and personal on all of the search engines

– It drives traffic to your website or business

– It is the largest defining part of whether you will succeed and make money, or fail and forever struggle to make your presence known online

TO Succeed Online YOU will need to hire an SEO expert(s)….

There are all types of SEO services that you can get from countless SEO service companies and providers that offer their services in packages, and individually to you for a large variety of prices and discounts.

But the big problem with hiring an SEO expert is not finding one- it is finding one that REALLY knows what they are doing.

#1 Fact of SEO – Not all SEO Services Are Created EQUAL!

If you choose the wrong SEO service provider, you will-

  • Get penalized by the Serps for crooked practices
  • Not reap any ranking benefits
  • Lose money from investing in a poor SEO practice, and lose money from the potential money you could be making online

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is paramount for the better success of your Internet endeavors- without it being implemented properly you may as well not even try.

Introducing Ken Consulting SEO…We Don’t Just Claim to be SEO Experts, WE ARE EXPERTS…. That WILL Rank Your Website.

We at KenConsultingSEO are the SEO Experts that can drive you to your largest success online… We know the Internet inside and out. After all, we have been doing this ever since the Internet was born. We have:

  • Served 5000+ Clients From 80+ Countries and Counting
  • Specialized in SEO and reputation management for a long-time

Most of all we have a 100% proven track record of success with the hundreds of clients that we have served. And we can do the very same for you…

  • We will get you Ranked on Google
  • Drive the traffic you need to be successful directly to your site
  • Boost Your Revenue and Sales

You CAN Trust Ken SEO Consulting to Deliver You the Ranking Results You Deserve! And… now you have the best opportunity to take advantage of an elite SEO service package that will take care of all of your monthly SEO needs.

Ken SEO Consulting’s Monthly SEO Package

Let us do all the hard work for you as you sit back and watch your rankings consistently climb and as you rake in the traffic that is most important for your BEST business success and growth!

Ken’s Monthly SEO Package includes an array of full-spectrum, SEO services that improve your ranking, rating, and increase your traffic on a multitude of levels.

We help with monthly SEO campaigns, reputation management, site setup, social media promotion and several specialized SEO service strategies and components.

Complete SEO Consultation:

  • Competition Analysis
  • We will analyze your Top 10 Competitors and make recommendations on what needs to be done to outrank them.
  • We will pinpoint their weaknesses, identify their strong points and suggest how you can become better than them.

Keyword Research:

We will use various tools to identify the right keywords for you. We will also analyze your top 20 competitors to identify the keywords that you are not targeting yet.

SERP Analysis:

We will analyze search engine rankings for your keywords.

Social Signal Analysis:

We will determine your social signals and make recommendations on how to improve them over your competition.

Reputation Management Analysis:

We will analyze your site for its online reputation and recommend changes.

Backlink Analysis:

We will determine whether or not you have been adversely impacted by negative SEO campaigns and provide you options of how we can help you resolve them.

On Page SEO Optimization

  • Title, H1 and Meta Analysis
  • Image Tags Optimization
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Density Optimization
  • Internal Linking Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Help Fixing On-site Errors
  • Google Webmasters Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • WordPress Optimization

We will analyze your top 20 competitors extensively and conduct a custom link building campaign for your website.

We will also recommend and help with placement of the specialized backlinks for an extra cost that your competition is using- which is required for you to outrank your competition.

*These include paid links on special third party sites that your competition is using.

  • 10 Web 2.0
  • 10 Press Releases
  • 3 Guest Posts
  • 30 Edu/Gov links
  • 20 Doc links
  • 50+ Top Authority Profiles
  • Custom Links According to your competition

Ken’s Tier 2 Secret Sauce – This further improves the power of your backlinks!

Starting at $750 per Month

Limited Period “40% OFF” (if paid in advance – a minimum of 6 months)

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