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Buy High PR | Top Alexa Brand Profiles On The Top Sites On The Internet

Every order of Brand Extravaganza now comes with Free KEN’s Tier 2 Secret Sauce to multiply the power of your brand links! Without this, a lot of powerful potential of your links goes into waste. We can’t reveal the process of Ken’s Tier 2 Secret Sauce but be aware that it is done using a unique process with a variety of link sources combined with other methods done at a certain velocity.

To place your order, please click on the sales thread graphic above. You will be taken to our secure order form where you can enter your details and click submit, after which you will be automatically redirected to Paypal for payment. You will receive an email confirmation from us shortly after your order.

Turnaround time will be upto 10 days.

We are always available at your service 7 days a week. We communicate solely in English language. All queries are answered within maximum 18 hours but most of them are answered within minutes. Our average response time is under 2 hours.

Please feel free to contact us for any query or a FREE consultation via pm, email or skype.

Email support:

skype: barbie.ken7891

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Brand Extravaganza:

What are the kind of sites were I get a link as part of this service?
We choose top alexa sites (the sites with the most traffic) for this service. While Alexa is not perfect, the top Alexa sites are the ones with highest traffic and authority.

Examples of sites?
Here are some examples of sites:

Is this automated?
No, it is 100% manual work.

Why is this good for reputation management?
A username can only be registered one time on each site, so it is better you secure your username on these sites so that no one else takes them before you. Your profile can then rank for your brand name if you have registered it.

Do you upload a picture on each profile?
Yes, if you provide us one.

Do you write a bio?
Yes, by default, we write 5 bios for each order and use one of them randomly on each profile.

Which niches do you allow?
All niches are allowed.

Whats the dofollow/nofollow ratio of these links?
A lot of them are nofollow but they are very useful regardless.

Are these anchored links?
Most are generic/naked links. Great for diversification and authority.

Do you have samples?
Yes, contact us for samples.

How long do these profiles stick?
Long long time. Most of them are not deleted even after years. These are among the most reliable links. They don’t get deleted like other types of links do.

Can I order in bulk?

Do you overdeliver?
Yeah we try to do 110 profiles for the order of 100.

What about the tier 2?
We build Ken’s Tier 2 Secret Sauce free with every order! It includes a mix of diverse links and signals. It is secret for a reason (it works)

Is this recommended for churn and burn sites or for long term sites?
To be honest, this is good for both, but it is completely safe for long term sites. This is just as white hat as it can get. It is done 100% manually and there is no harm of building profiles on the top websites manually.

Do we get logins of each link?
Yes, you get an email account and all logins for each site where we place your link.